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WYRD 101

The news, talk and entertainment show for the Podcast Generation, all coming to your from the home of the strangest people you'll ever hear, the quasi-fictional, almost real town of Pungo, Virginia.

WYRD 101 Show #2: July 14th, 2013

Self Centered Businessmen, armed toddlers, and Nine. Pretty much another Sunday in Pungo.

In Hour 1, Fitzroy Delacoudray from Delacoudray Ford wants to talk about Tesla’s business model, and how it hurts him as a dealer. Of course, it has to do more with him than it does the cars.

In Hour 2, Braxton Hicks joins us to talk about Open Carry laws. This is great timing, because he’s just given his grandson his first weapon. He’s 5. This won’t end well.

In Hour 3, Loon and Meri join us for the news and information hour. We talk Trayvon, the passive listening of the Moto X, Loon and Meri kid Nine about the list of moves he hasn’t seen yet, and Meri’s Mainstream Meanderings.


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